Voices of the Community

From concerned parents and other members of the community:

"I wish this organization was around when my son was in grade school. His school encouraged him to pursue a music career against our wishes. Now he's playing music on the street to get by, and cannot hold a real job." ~ James H.

"My 8-year old daughter came home from school with a single assignment that required her to draw her favorite animal. When I asked her what her other homework assignments were, she said that the teacher wanted to give them something "fun" to do since it was Friday. I'm not against fun education, but I believe it should be progressive and beneficial for my child, rather than something completely useless." ~ Caroline J.

"This organization really opened my eyes to the issues our city is facing in this economic crisis. It is more important than ever to ensure the education of our children." ~ Joeseph K.

"I fully support this organization with all my heart. The focus on art in our schools is absolutely ludicrous; our students are spending too much time doodling on their notebooks and not enough time learning about the subjects that matter such as math and science, and it's seriously harming their education! You know what the most useful thing someone with an art degree has ever done for me? Added whip cream to the top of my Mocha Latte, after confusing it with a Cappuccino that is. An arts degree didn't put a man on the moon, and it most certainly won't get my daughter through life. Stop the war on Core Subjects!" ~ Jason V.

"My daughter's high school has the greatest music program in the state. Wanting only success for my only daughter, I pushed her into the program with soaring expectations. After running several fund raisers, support advertisements, and PTA meetings, I attended the first concert of the season feeling accomplished as a parent. With the first squeek of the night, I had realized my mistake. By the end of the concert, I had taken my fair share of pain medication for the headache that terrible band caused. All of my hard work and dedication did nothing to bring these kids up to par with my expectations. As any other hard-working mother would do, I pulled my daughter out of the program and enrolled her in the state's top technical school. Art in schools is a distraction, and a waste of time and money!" ~ Susan B.

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