Top 10 Responses

The "testimonials" on our original page were made up as a part of the project, but these are real responses we've received within a few months our billboards going up and our site going live.

Out of the hundreds of true email responses we've received, there were a few that really stuck out to us that we'd like to share. We replied to everyone who gave us working email addresses, and asked if they would be willing to share their responses on our website. Feel free to peruse through the archive to read the many other strong reactions as well as reponses to our reveal.

*Note: All of the emails have remained unedited and unchanged unless specified by the sender.

Name: Katie
Subject: Thank you!
Date: 12/22/2011

Sam and the rest of the Atrocity Team,

What an amazing idea! After seeing the website posted on Facebook by one of my friends, I was at first appalled by the atrocity of what was being suggested. Then, after doing some research online, I found out, thankfully, that this was a beautiful piece of art.

As an actress and an arts educator, I have a lot invested in arts education and am a huge fan of this piece for different reasons. What has made me think the most is how we, as a nation and most of my generation (early 20-somethings) are so incredibly passive. Only after doing research on my part, not contacting you myself to say how angry or upset I was, did I find out.

I have since posted it on my Facebook, saying "Talk about it" just to get a conversation started. I'm curious to see how many people learn that it's meant to stimulate conversation or if they take it at face value.

You have certainly motivated me more than ever to continue teaching the arts to children. As a performer, I never wanted to teach, but now that I have discovered it, I realize what a role model and influence I can be for these kids. I hope to get them to at least appreciate the arts and support them, even if they don't pursue them as a career.

Thanks again for starting this conversation. It's an eye opener and much appreciated. Are you planning on taking this project to another level in anyway? I'd be very much interested in following you all.