The Reveal - The Truth About Us

The "Art is Atrocity" project is a satirical conceptual art piece. Its purpose is to draw attention to the lack or decline of art and music in schools by personifying the opposing side of those who are against it. Everything you have seen on the billboards or website was designed and placed with a purpose, including the horrendous web design and the ironic title of the organization. This piece was meant to start a conversation and get people thinking about how valuable art and music is to us as a whole, and how important it is to maintain a balance between all subjects.

Many schools across the United States are forced to cut many subjects, and not just the fine arts. Sports, extracurricular activities, afterschool programs, and even math and science classes are suffering from a lack of courses offered and teachers, and increased class sizes. Everything is being affected and we need a balance.

About a month after the website and billboards went up, we've received many messages from all over the country and the world. Many spoke up in outrage while others provided their own life story of how art or music changed their lives. The project has also been compared to satirical or dark humorists such as Jonathan Swift and Samuel Clemens, and we've been honored to be compared to such historical figures.

When you viciously attack something that someone is passionate about, most will push back. However, our schools have been suffering long before this project started its fake campaign (if not, a bit more subtly), and will continue to do so if we remain apathetic in our awareness.