Responses - Dec 13th

Name: Danielle
Subject: testimony
Date: 12/13/2011

I have been drawing and making art my entire life. If art were never a part of my life I would be a completely different person. Making and engaging in art help relieve me from stress, sort out my thoughts, and most importantly have the most fun ever.

In high school, I was mainly focused on my art, but I studied and worked hard in my academic subjects as well. Art tought me how to think abstractly, which transfered to my other subjects in school.

Art is not simply a physical object. It is a state of mind where people can think and create whatever they want. Art is creativity. Creativity fosters new ideas and advances our society.

How backwards are you to call art an atrocity? Just because art is a mainly subjective discipline doesn't make it a "frivoulous subject" in schools. If anything I'd say your poorly designed website is an atrocity. Perhaps you should have hired a designer.