Responses - Dec 30th

Name: Rachel
Subject: Interested
Date: 12/30/2011

I am writing this e-mail to inform you of your complete ignorance and atrocity of what you stand for. Do you realize that without art, many things you have come to love would not exist? Take a trip to a bookstore. Every book is designed in a unique way, to connect to the story, and intrigue a viewer. Without art, every book on the shelf would look exactly alike. It would be unbearable to find a book to read. Architects, photographers, graphic designers, filmmakers, writers and even musicians are all artists. Try living without a roof over your head- buildings and homes are DESIGNED through art and problem solving to achieve a functioning home. Could you spend your life without music? Your favorite TV show or movie filmmakers creatively slave over? Even filmmakers have a CREATIVE vision, put together by artists: writers, cinematographers, directors, etc. Art is the driving force of all of these things. These are just an example of an infinite number of ways we NEED art. To say art is completely useless is ignorant and a seemingly uneducated assumption, especially because all of the arguments on this page are mostly opinions, not fact. I Thank you for reading this letter based on fact, and for your time.

Kind regards,