Responses - Dec 23rd

Name: Melody
Subject: A question
Date: 12/23/2011

I don't want to waste your time, so I'll just let you know that, first and foremost, I do not disagree with this in ANY way. If you don't care about what I have to say, then stop reading. All I really have to say- or, rather, ask- is why? I just feel as if you are leaving out a lot of what the arts, well, are. Don't you watch film, television? Go to plays (that may be far fetched for you...)? Listen to the radio (the symphony's probably also pretty far fetched)? Read a book? I am what you could call an "ex" student of the arts. I recently finished my first semester at university, which I spent as a Music Performance major. I knew IMMEDIATELY that it was not for me. My purpose in life is not to be a musician. I am planning on going into politics (NOT staying in the arts), but this in NO WAY has decreased the positive effect the arts have had on my life. I have been diagnosed as clinically depressed, and I truly believe that, if not for music and novels and even television, I would have committed suicide years ago. Art created a community of friends for me, which allowed me to recognize the support others have for me. I'm not saying the arts are for everybody, but the arts DO affect EVERYONE, mostly in positive ways. Okay, that's my schpeel. Thank you for reading.
Just one more thing, and I have to add it: The Williams Syndrome thing is bullshit. You should really remove that to increase your credibility. Just a snarky thought.