Responses - Feb 19th

Name: Evan
Subject: I disagree
Date: 2/19/2012

Art and music education foster creativity which are opposite brain functions than logic ie math & science. How do we advance as a society without innovation and new ideas? Children exposed to music and art early and life are stimulated to see the world in a different way which leads to enriched personal achievement. Right brain functions include emotions and empathy and lead to strong social and community building abilities. How is any of this negatively impacting our world, our future? To deny future Mozarts and Picassos their role in society is degrading to creative thinkers/professionals as to say we are unimportant and do not matter.

After The Reveal

Date 2/24/2012

Well done!

I appreciate this work, and most definitely feel that it is not an unbelievable concept that an organization would take this stance in today's society.
I've come across many people/organizations whose perceptions are as radical as you pose AIA's to be, and are promoted in 100% seriousness. It's embarrassing and humiliating.
The saddest part is that many of these people/organizations are misinformed and use their power of authority to spread hate and intolerance.

I'm glad you responded and feel free to use my message as you wish. I too believe we must stand up for ourselves and become a loud voice toward the causes we are heartfelt about.
I myself was lucky to have attended private school where the arts are cherished and an integral component of the curriculum. I also participated in the performing arts since early childhood thus shaping my artistic identity at an early age. I realized my passion and future was art and without this strong background and early exposure I would not be the same person I am today.

Thank you for your words, and I would like to stay involved.