Responses - Dec 17th

Name: Alex
Subject: Atrocious!
Date: 12/17/2011

My name is Alex, and I'm a pre-medical biochemistry major at a private university. I was informed of your cause by a friend of mine who lives in the upstate area of New York, and I am surprised to find that there are movements to end education in the fine arts.

On your statement of purpose, you write that the apparent value of art has been "warping the minds of parents and children for years." You justify this by quoting the sculptor Magdelena Abakowitz, who stated that art makes us aware of problems, but in that same quote (which you neglected to continue), that "It opens our eyes to see and our brains to imagine".

After over two years of education in chemistry, biology and mathematics, I can say with confidence that in order to make the most of a scientific education, students must develop their imagination and creativity as well. Science is a creative endeavor, applied sciences of medicine and engineering doubly so. Creativity in the sciences powers progress, and arts cultivate and expand on this creativity.

Furthermore, you point out that we need bright thinkers for the future science is not the only way to a better future. Philosophy, art, and literature are the halmarks of a dynamic and vibrant culture. Scientific advancement without philosophical context and art to expand on the human condition will leave us a hollow culture.

Finally, if you really want to take a pragmatic approach to art if you find it difficult to see the intrinsic value of developing multiple faculties beyond science or math, medical schools look for the so-called "well rounded" students you mention. As an applicant to medical school myself, I know that many schools today are looking for medical students who are more than just developed in the sciences. Medicine is a human endeavor, and doctors need not only keen scientific skills, but human insight and understanding developed by the arts.

After the Reveal

Date: 12/17/2011

That is hilarious and clever. You definitely have my permission to quote my message (attributed to my initials AD). I don't want to be picky here, but if you quote it, please quote it in its full context if possible.

Excellent premise for a piece; the opportunity for a well-rounded education is something I obviously feel strongly about. You're welcome to stay in touch on this issue, I look forward to hearing more.