Responses - Jan 17th

Name: sheri
Subject: AIA
Date: 1/17/2012

The community is wondering if this is a serious pursuit or a joke, could someone clarify this please.

Subject: WSA
Date: 1/17/2012

The executive director of the Williams Syndrome organization does not concur with your information, believing it to be misleading.
please tell me this site is someones's Art project. if so Brava!! if not, you picked the wrong community for an anti-arts crusade.

After The Reveal

Date 1/17/2012

Kudos!! Being the consumate comedian, I can appreciate your approach(working!!).Yes, Syracuse is passionate about its Art and Music. I don't know if you followed the recent firing of a cherished DJ and local music supporter, Dave Frisina, and the feelings that it evoked in our local musicians, it was magical(not the firing).Seeing everyone stand behind something is heartwarming and brought the music community closer than ever. The Arts as well, being from the Westcott Nation, had your cause been genuine, it would have been ugly. In an afternoon, one person(me) could have done some damage, having contacted local media, and the executive director of the Williams Syndrome Organization already. Well, my blood pressure has returned to normal. I will ask that I could let them know about the project, otherwise is MUM the word? Good Grief, Great Job!!Feel free to contact me.