Responses - Dec 24th

Name: Anonymous
Subject: Art
Date: 12/24/2011

I am 61 years old. My entire family has been invilved in the visual arts for generations. This invlvement has provided us with not only a better outlook and a very enriched life but it has also provided us with extreme financial security. Art investments have proven to be far more lucrative than stocks, bonds or real estate. Any School system that drops the fine arts is only plunging the students into a very basic low level existence. If those of us who are not in the least interested im Math or Science had to depend on those subjects for a livelihood we would be very poor indeed.

After The Reveal

Date 12/24/2011

You may use what I have written but not my name.
Actually there was no art in my elementary school which in those days was 1st grade through the 7th. Then after that we were able to take art lessons but by that time I had been painting in oil for 6 yetas and by the time I was fifteen I was doing very very credible portraits which mainly paid for my college education. Had I not had art early, I may not have gone to college. Other small town kids were doing odd jobs for maybe 50$ a week, I was completing a portrait in a week for 750 to 1000.
I be honest the " value" of art in elementary schools today is that it gives teh classroom teachers a break. Sad to say but the arts are well protected because of this. Elementary teachers have the worse bladder and kidney conditions because the , unlike any other worker on earth, can not just leave to go to the restroom. Sad ,isn't it.?