Responses - Dec 14th

Name: Sarah
Subject: Drop-outs, suicides, hatred.. Oh my!
Date: 12/14/2011

Taking out the arts is an incredibly bad idea. In order for a person to become more well rounded he/she needs not only math and sciences, but also the arts to fully develop his/her brain. The arts not only help with thinking out side of the box, which is needed for problems children will face in life where no one answer is always the solution, but it also gives kids the break they need from the monotonous work of English, Math, Science, History, etc. By taking away the arts you are encouraging high stress and no fun kids need fun... they are kids after all! As smart as Japan and China academically are they also have a considerably higher suicide rate which is never good. Really do you want to see kids jumping from buildings when you are grocery shopping? Think about it, before you push for the exclusion of the arts. Also, in the places that perform well academically they do have the arts such as culinary, art, music, etc. I, as a person who enjoyed my art classes, would have probably hated school if all I did was right brain work. If this passes you will probably see a drastic increase in drop-outs. Think about it.

A concerned student and future parent

After the Reveal

Date: 12/14/2011

You may use what I said for your project. Good luck with your project, it's a brilliant idea.