Responses - Dec 16th

Name: Danielle
Subject: You are bleeding ignorance
Date: 12/16/2011

I am a singer, photographer, and fan of poetry, video games, graphic design, architecture, among other things. I would like to know who created your website, because they, too, are an artist. Also, an artist designed and created the american flag that is your background. Another artist designed the font you use on this page.

To see such hypocrisy on a page SO dedicated to their cause is just sad. Do you realize what you are waging war against? Do you want humans to become robots and have no soul? No passion? No desire to see beautiful things?

This is the most OUTLANDISH thing I have ever seen in my life! How absolutely stupid of you all to think that you can do ANY day-to-day activity without coming across art, or using/buying something that was made to look a certain way, including FOOD! THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE SAYING.

After the Reveal

Date: 12/16/2011

Yes! Hahaha my boyfriend (mark, who also sent you a message!) called it. Said he was hoping it was just a troll page to get peoples heads out of their butts :) please feel free to use both of our messages and even our full contact information, as we are locals and we were ready to come for you guys with picket signs and chants haha thank you for putting a new spin on the fight! :) :) let us know if you need ANYTHING at all.

-Danielle and Mark