Responses - Dec 27th

Name: Brian
Subject: Advocacy??
Date: 12/27/2011

So I heard that this is actually a pro-arts project, and this website is meant to spark conversation about the benefits of art in schools. Is this true? If so, kudos!!

After confirming The Reveal


I am actually a music teacher and an off-campus consultant with music education majors at SUNY Potsdam. In addition to teaching, I work with these future music teachers about how to build a curriculum that is effective, relevant and beneficial to society.

When I came across the site, I sent it to professors at Potsdam, and this opened up a dialogue not only between professors and students, but also professors within the education faculty. This site has circulated like wildfire among those I know on Facebook. Truly, the site is brilliant. It has the perfect "thrown together" look a grassroots organization like this would have. It's always easy to talk about how great music and art is, but it's not until arts comes under fire that non-advocates really come out to bat for the arts.

Are you actually based out of Syracuse? I teach music in Weedsport, about a half hour west. I put my curriculum online to help advocate for innovative music education. If you ever the kind of email I actually would have sent to this group, please let me know. This is what I live for.

Thanks for your work, it truly is doing wonders!