Responses - Dec 18th

Name: Anonymous
Subject: Your cause.
Date: 12/18/2011

Nothing you stand for is worth anything. Art is NOT atrocity and the only atrocities being committed are the redundant statements you have made against the arts. Just because you have no actual talents and not a single creative chance in life doesn't mean you have to attempt to ruin it for other people who actually mean something. Math and Sciences are important but the fine arts are important as well and most certainly not "frivolous". You preach intelligence and better situations for your children and community but in reality you only teach them ignorance. With all due respect, please kindly re-educate yourselves and attack what the true problems are. That being the parenting of the children who are denied a creative outlet or any encouragement in their individuality OR you can see from your moronic banter in the testimonials that there are teaching staff issues that should be addressed.